BMW to recall plug-in hybrid vehicles over short-circuit fears

Owners told not to charge plug-in cars for the time being and only run combustion engine

BMW is set to issue a recall notice plug-in hybrid models over concerns surrounding the battery, has reported.

Around 4,500 cars are affected globally, BMW has confirmed.

The issue is reported to have been found by BMW engineers who discovered that welding beads on the high voltage storage tank were not completely removed at the time of production.

Fears that the issue could lead to short-circuiting prompted prompted the recall.

Affected models were built between March and August 2020.

Further details of affected UK cars are to be announced in the coming days.

BMW has urged owners not charge their plug-in cars for the time being and only run the vehicle off the combustion engine.

A delivery stop has also issued on the affected vehicles that are yet to be delivered.

In a statement, a BMW spokesperson said: “BMW has implemented a delivery stop on a small number of plug-in hybrid vehicles as a preventive measure to check the high-voltage-battery.

“4,460 vehicles are affected worldwide.

“Most vehicles have not yet been delivered to customers.

“The specific number of vehicles affected in the UK will be confirmed this week and the recall will be reported to the DVSA.

“BMW apologises for any inconvenience caused to customers affected by this precautionary measure.”

It has also been reported that the problems could extend across BMW’s sister companies with issues also developing in the Mini Countryman.

The German carmaker is in the process of contacting affected owners who are expected to receive updates completely free of charge.

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