Bosch joins OESAA Academy Live line-up at Exeter College

Registration for the event isn’t necessary

Bosch is set to be a vital participant at the Exeter College instalment of OESAA Academy Live, a trade evening to take place on the evening of Wednesday 27 September.

Bosch, along with fellow OESAA members and Garage Services Online, is excited at the prospect of connecting with automotive professionals, with its advanced KTS and ESI[tronic] diagnostic solutions a focal point.

These play a pivotal role in modern vehicle servicing, enabling technicians to diagnose and address issues with precision and efficiency. Visitors to OESAA Academy Live will have the opportunity to explore these solutions first-hand.

Bosch will also be presenting its extensive parts portfolio, highlighting the quality and reliability that are synonymous with the Bosch brand.

In addition to its product offerings, Bosch will introduce attendees to its eXtra loyalty scheme for parts purchases. This is designed to reward workshop owners who choose Bosch parts.

The OEM is also keen to promote the Bosch Car Service workshop concept, a well-established and respected network of automotive service centres. Attendees at OESAA Academy Live will have the chance to learn about the advantages of becoming part of this network.

Furthermore, Bosch will be showcasing the KiS garage management system, a powerful tool for workshop owners looking to streamline their operations. The system encompasses a range of features designed to simplify daily tasks, manage appointments, and improve customer interactions.

Bosch’s participation in OESAA Academy Live aligns with OESAA’s mission to provide a platform for workshops owners, technicians, and OEMs to explore the latest advancements in vehicle technology and industry best practices.

OESAA chairman, Nigel Morgan, said: “OESAA Academy Live represents a unique opportunity for professionals in the automotive industry to come together, learn from the best, explore the latest advancements in our ever-evolving field, and even potentially walk away with some great prizes.

“With the support of our members, like Bosch, we are committed to empowering technicians and garage owners, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic landscape.”

Education, engagement and education

At the heart of OESAA Academy Live will be a ‘workshop arena’ where visitors can connect with OESAA members, attend presentations, and watch live demonstrations. There will also be training classrooms, where experts will cover technology, diagnosis, and replacement. This unique format ensures that attendees can not only gain valuable insights but also interact directly with industry professionals.

The event is not just about education; it’s a blend of education, engagement, and entertainment that promises an enriching experience for delegates.

Visitors are encouraged to join OESAA at Exeter College from 5pm onwards – there’s no need to sign up beforehand. The event will run until approximately 9pm. And for those who can’t make it to Exeter, don’t worry, OESAA Academy Live will be moving on to Hugh Baird College in Liverpool on the 4 October (5pm-9pm).

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