Bus driver ignores ‘stay alert’ public health message and gets stuck under bridge

Driver left badly shaken after getting six-month-old £350K double decker stuck

A new bus donning the words ‘stay alert’ has been badly damaged after getting stuck under a railway bridge in Somerset.

The electronic signage on the front of the bus was displaying one of First West of England’s public health messages about the coronavirus pandemic and at the moment the bus became wedged in the arch of the bridge, the message on the front read ‘Stay Alert’.

The incident happened on the evening of Tuesday 21 July while the driver was heading back to the bus depot.

For more than an hour, police had to close the main road between Backwell and Nailsea, while the bus was recovered.

Network Rail assessed the structure of the bridge, and soon permitted trains to continue travelling over the bridge.

The driver was understood to have been uninjured, but badly shaken by the experience.

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