Car thieves caught after posing on Instagram

Despite obscuring faces with emojis the photos were matched with unmasked originals still held on mobile phone.

Police have caught a gang of car thieves after they posted pictures of themselves posing with the vehicles of social media, the BBC has reported.

West Yorkshire Police said the images were posted on an Instagram account called Mr Dingers, where thieves anonymously brag about their crimes.

One of the gang, Frankie Allwork, 21, posted a picture of himself standing in front of a stolen £60,000 Audi A6.

James Holroyd and Bryn Kerry, both 20, also posed in photographs.

All admitted burglary or car theft charges at Leeds Crown Court and were sentenced to between 32 months and four years and six months.

Vital evidence

West Yorkshire Police said the images provided vital evidence as part of an investigation into the theft of £568,000 worth of luxury cars in the city.

Although Allwork’s face was obscured with an emoji when the picture appeared on social media, the original unedited image of him was found on his mobile phone.

A video was also posted on the site showing the gang brandishing tools and driving along in the stolen Audi, which was taken from a house in Shadwell, on 7 January.

The Audi and a £30,000 Seat Leon FR, which was stolen the same night from Woodlesford, were also photographed by the gang.

Acting detective inspector, Naeem Khan said: “It is clear from the way they bragged about their offences on social media these offenders had absolute contempt for their victims.”

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