Cars essential for almost two thirds of people planning UK summer breaks

Visit Britain’s weekly sentiment tracking survey has found 64% of people intend to use their car if going on UK breaks or holidays before September, as confidence to travel starts to increase.

UK ‘staycation’ holidays look set to be the popular choice, as the survey for the week to 19th June found 42% thought they’d take more or the same number of UK breaks this year, whilst just 4% saw themselves taking more foreign holidays.

With caution still obvious, the survey also found a greater proportion of people than usual seeking rural locations, outdoor activities and camping.

Reliance on cars is part of a broader COVID trend. Government daily figures on transport use reveal car usage dipped to a low of just 22% of usual levels on 12th April. Since then it’s recovered, hitting 77% 28th June.

The greater role played by the car is starkly illustrated by 28th June data also finding rail use at just 12% of normal levels. London’s tube system was at 15% and buses carried only around a third of their usual passenger numbers.

With cars now being driven again after very limited usage, reliability issues are more likely. The MOT exemption also means many older vehicles will have gone much longer than a year since they were last assessed by a qualified technician.

Warm weather use poses some unique challenges too such as high battery demands, clutch wear from queues or towing as well as increased risks of drive belt failure and engine overheating.

The Parts Alliance are encouraging garages to help get Britain moving again by offering a ‘Free Summer Check’ to their local motorists. This valuable service will of course develop revenue to maximize the opportunities available to garages from these trends.

To help this effort the group has produced a range of reception area posters, digital banners for social media sites and a job check list covering essentials like tyre tread, brakes, lights, wipers fluid levels and battery condition.

Digital banners – ideal for Facebook and other social media channels

Garages wanting to help their local motorists by offering a free check can downloaded the resources for free now in the Support Zone of The Parts Alliance’s website.


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