Criminal gang dumps 10,000 tyres in Port Glasgow

Organised crime gangs are illegally dumping or burying thousands of tonnes of waste across Scotland, Scottish Environment Protection Agency says

Around 10,000 tyres dumped at a disused farmyard barn in Port Glasgow have been abandoned by a criminal network, an investigation has found.

The tyres were dumped at a derelict farm with one barn overflowing with discarded rubber within just a few metres of houses on the estate.

The case has been highlighted in a new BBC Scotland documentary, in which Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) bosses reveal that organised crime gangs are illegally dumping or burying thousands of tonnes of waste across Scotland.

The programme, titled Dirty Business, follows SEPA officers and their work at significant waste crime sites across the country.

Such is the scale of the problem, Sepa set up a special intelligence and enforcement unit in October 2019 to help deal with a growth in such activities.

Work includes monitoring of more than 234 active cases, including 31 high-priority sites, some of which are linked to serious and organised crime.

Jennifer Shearer, head of enforcement at Sepa, said: “We are warning criminals – your activities are firmly in the spotlight and compliance with Scotland’s environmental laws is non-negotiable.

“Criminals are resourceful, inventive and will find new ways to break the law, especially when money is involved, but Scotland’s enforcement agencies are working together to make sure we find them and stop them.”

Scottish justice secretary Keith Brown said: “The Scottish Government and partners on the Serious Organised Crime Taskforce are fully committed to disrupting those who see waste disposal as a money-making enterprise that sits alongside other crime types such as violence, drugs, weapons and money laundering.

“These criminals will do anything to increase their wealth through undermining legitimate waste businesses and tricking unsuspecting customers.

“Partners on the taskforce will use every means at their disposal to ensure these illegal practices stop and that those who dump waste illegally are held accountable.”

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