Dealership accused of misleading man over condition of £390K Porsche 911

Billionaire suing Coys of Kensington for Breach of contract and breach of warranty.

Exotic vehicle auction house, Coys of Kensington is being sued after the boss of a German insurance and finance conglomerate claimed he was misled over the £390,000 sale of a Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 touring coupe.  

Andreas Pohl, 55, from Marburg in Germany, won the classic car at auction without viewing but now claims that it is actually a type G, having been refitted with an aluminium crankcase, replacing a magnesium one.

Other changes, according to a Daily Telegraph report, included different doors.

Prior to bidding, he claims to have been told that the car was a genuine 911 Carrera that was ‘very good’ and had its original engine whose number corresponded with that of the chassis.

In legal documents, Pohl states: “In telephone conversations on 27 and 28 October 2018 between Mr [Michael] Haag, acting as the agent of the defendant [Coys], and Herr Wolf, acting as the agent of the claimant [Mr Pohl], the defendant further represented to the claimant that the condition of the car was ‘‘very good’’.

“Prior to the claimant’s purchase of the car the claimant, as the defendant knew, did not inspect the car or arrange for any inspection of the car… the claimant purchased the car in reliance upon and induced by the representations.”

After commissioning a report into the state of the vehicle, Pohl asked for his money back.

Coys allegedly agreed to refund him with the money but is yet to do so, according to the Telegraph.

Pohl is now suing Coys for breach of contract and breach of warranty.

Inresponse, the auction house has said Pohl had a chance to look at the Porsche and was happy with its ‘condition and authenticity’ and that he had accepted that parts may have been replaced.

The dealership has also stated that it didn’t accept Pohl’s rejection of the car or that it said it would give him back the £390,000.

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