Delphi Technologies enhances Masters of Motion info hub

New content added; now easier for garages to receive updates

Delphi Technologies has added new video content to Masters of Motion, while making it even easier for independent garage technicians to receive future updates.

This month has seen the addition of three more ‘How To’ videos aimed at delivering practical on-demand advice to technicians. Delphi says the intention is to release a new video every Thursday.

‘How to use an approved EV charger’ promotes safe EV charging, examining the different types and uses of chargers. ‘How to diagnose warped brake discs’ explains disc thickness variation before stepping through an example runout check. Meanwhile, ‘How to replace a battery’ demonstrates how to check the health of a 12v battery and guides through the battery replacement on a BMW 330e.

The Masters of Motion hub hosts a wealth of informative content already including infographics, articles, tips, training resources and advice. Technicians wishing to keep updated can follow on FacebookLinkedIn, or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Masters of Motion was launched in January following extensive pan-European research from Delphi covering 4000 workshops. The content hub is intended to help Delphi develop a stronger connection with the independent garage and workshop technicians.

The mix of material is expected to continue to focus on emerging aftermarket technologies, supporting garages to meet the demands future vehicles will present.

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