DENSO adds a Sustainability page to its website

The page contains videos that expand on DENSO’s green strategy for sustainable management

Reflecting DENSO’s commitment to achieve environmental sustainability and a carbon neutral future, the DENSO Aftermarket website now has a dedicated ‘Sustainability’ section where it can showcase its initiatives and provide users with a focal point to address this important subject.

Headed with the inspiring message: ‘Bringing hope for the future for our planet, society and all people’, the sustainability section of the site is where users can discover the goals that DENSO has set out to maintain the global environment, offer peace of mind, and to be inspired.

These goals demonstrate the multi-faceted approach DENSO has established to achieve sustainable mobility and include: Manufacturing, Mobility Products, Energy Use, Peace of Mind, and Clean, which allows the company to address the environmental performance of its facilities and the contribution to reduce CO2 that the products it makes has, as well as in making life and travel safer and the world purer.

The site naturally features news that is specific to the goals, but also product developments that are making practical differences to the environment and the way people interact together. It also contains some great videos that expand on DENSO’s green strategy for sustainable management.

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