DENSO’s 2022 League of True Mechanics winners receive their awards

The annual League of True Mechanic (LOTM) competition combines MI-accredited, online technical training and assessment, with opportunities for technicians to be crowned LOTM champion.

For the 2022 competition, the range of prizes grew significantly, and all those in the top 10 won something notable, starting with a DENSO WEC sports prototype model, and progressed through a DENSO laptop bag, Toyota Gazoo Racing polo shirt, then a team racing jacket, to a Sonos One speaker, wireless Bose headphones and then a Sonos Playbase, to reach the top three.

The technicians who received these rewards were Jason Sprake, Brian Hurst, Darren Douglas, Sam Buettner, Andrew Tweedle, Roan Troy and James Cauvain respectively, and a heartfelt ‘well done’ goes to each of them.

Moving on to the main winners, in third place and winning a £500 Red Letter Day was Mark Lamont of Grasmere Garage, second with a £1000 holiday voucher was Philip Scott of Robsons Motor Services and taking the top spot and winning the £2000 luxury holiday first prize, as well as taking the accolade of 2022 LOTM champion, was Edd Hunt of The Car Consultants (pictured).

“Our congratulations go out, not just to Edd, Philip and Mark, but to all the prize winners and everyone that entered the LOTM competition in 2022,” said DENSO Europe, pan European strategic marketing manager, Fatiha Laauich.

“We’ll be launching the 2023 competition in April, so we urge both previous entrants and technicians who’ve so far yet to enter, to register this year and aim to knock Edd off the top spot and take the prestigious title.

“We introduced the LOTM in 2020 to provide a little friendly competition to run alongside high quality training modules to help technicians increase their technical knowledge and improve their overall skillset, and it became an instant hit with professionals across the UK and Ireland.

“Although the study courses from the previous year’s competitions remain on the LOTM area on our e-Learning platform because they are still useful and relevant, to keep the competition fresh and present important additional technical content, we introduce new modules every year.

“The e-learning programme provides detailed technical information about DENSO products and the interactive online courses that the LOTM competition is based on relies on technicians studying the material and a final exam, during which they can win DENSO coins.

”These coins are awarded by correctly answering the question posed by a ‘mini quiz’ that periodically appears within the modules and then in the final exam at the end. In addition, once the final exam is successfully completed, all entrants can download a personalised certificate, which they can print out, frame and hang in the workshop.”

Registering for the e-Learning platform is free and straightforward, as technicians simply sign up via this link, where they can also sign up to the LOTM competition.

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