DIY car repairs on the rise as drivers end up paying £170 to fix their mistakes, study shows

Image: Bigstock.

Almost 40 per cent of ‘home mechanics’ have had to take their car into a garage to correct their mistakes, costing them as much as £170 to get the work done professionally, new research suggests.

The study also claims that a growing number of British motorists attempting to repair their own vehicle with 57 per cent now buying spare vehicle parts.

Two-fifths of drivers have had to get their issues rectified at costs between £80 and £170, the research from Consumer website, Money Saving Heroes shows.

Just 30 per cent say they don’t attempt any repairs themselves because they ‘don’t trust’ themselves to do the work, 24 per cent ‘have a friend’ who does it for them cheaper than garages charge and 21 per cent ‘want it done properly the first time’.

Head gasket replacement

Common jobs carried out by ‘home mechanics’ included head gasket replacement and bodywork repairs.

Asked if it would have been cheaper to take the car to a garage in the first instance, 42 per cent said it would have been cheaper.

George Charles, a spokesperson Money Saving Heroes said: “It is no surprise that people end up paying more to rectify their car DIY jobs than it would have cost to get a trained mechanic to do the job, what with the average Briton not being a mechanic and understanding the ins and outs of a car.”

Do you think garages are having to correct more bodged car repairs? Are more customers coming to you for parts to undertake DIY maintenance? Share your comments and experiences below.


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