Drunk man thought he was a mechanic but damaged car on garage forecourt

Image: Google Street View.

Ordered to pay compensation after trying to start car with jump leads

A drunk man damaged the electrics of a vehicle in North Yorkshire after becoming confused and thinking he was a mechanic going to work, a court has heard.

The incident occurred on February 22 Sutton in Craven following Darren Brolly’s visit to a pub.

Skipton magistrates were told that at around 2.40am CCTV had shown Brolly at the premises of Ray Mulloy vehicle repair shop.

Brolly admitted a charge of criminal damage after trying to start a vehicle on the forecourt with jump leads but had not used them correctly and ended up causing £400 of damage to the electrics.

He said he had been taking medication with alcohol and was confused.

Duty solicitor Keith Blackwell said Brolly had been taking medication for mental health problems and had drunk far too much alcohol which had conflicted with the medication.

Mr Blackwell said Brolly had done some mechanic work in the past and as he walked past the garage had got it into his mind that he was going to work and started ‘fiddling about with the cars’ on the forecourt.

Mr Blackwell added: “He was not trying to steal them and had handed himself into the police.”

Magistrates ordered a standalone compensation order of £400 be paid to the garage owner as a penalty to be paid by September 23.

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