DVSA announces changes to Authorised Examiner Designated Manager role

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Changes implemented following “some confusion” over role, agency says

The DVSA is to make changes to Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM) role, it has been announced.

It follows an industry consultation on proposals to make AEDM responsibilities more clear.

As part of the changes, the agency is set to make the Authorised Examiner Principal (AEP) a formal role on the MOT testing service (MTS).

New AEPs will get access to MTS for the first time and be able to see data relating to their Authorised Examiner (AE) and Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) records.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “We’re making changes to the AEDM position so it’s clearer what the AEDM is responsible for.

“This will help people that carry out the role to be more effective.

“By making these changes, we’re recognising the importance of the AEDM role in the MOT service.”

The AEDM role can now be held by either an AEP or a senior manager in the business.

It means that the AEDM no longer has to be an AEP, opening opportunities for more people to perform the AEDM role.

Prior to the change, the agency said there was “some confusion” among testing stations about who should be managing the AEDM role.

The role of a trained person to manage MOT garage activities was first introduced in 1995 and became known as the Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM) in 2005. The DVSA says it’s a role that ensures workshops have the “right approach and checks” in place to maintain MOT testing standards and procedures.

The spokesperson added: “It may be that the wrong person in the company has been trained for the job, or they’re not clear about what the role involves.

“Some AEDMs are not accessing MTS, which means there are times when they’re not monitoring the MOT activities or they’re delegating the AEDM work to others.

“This can lead to a lack of engagement by AEDMs, which affects the level of management and supervision in the MOT station.”

The MOT testing guide has also been updated to define the tasks and responsibilities of the AEDM role, as well as other roles in the MOT testing service.

MOT garages that make a change to their approval will need to complete a VT01 form.

Each AEP will also need to create a personal account on MTS.

The DVSA has also announced further changes to come, with consultations due to be launched on appropriate and proportionate sanctions, restrictions on the number of AEs an AEDM can represent and annual training and assessments for AEDMs.

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