DVSA staff to wear ‘bodycams’ during garage visits

New cameras introduced in a bid to reduce physical and verbal assaults during site visits and roadside checks

The DVSA is to roll out body-worn cameras to reduce physical and verbal assaults to its frontline enforcement staff.

The cameras, which are being rolled out across the country, will be worn by DVSA staff when visiting MOT test stations.

The move follows a 25 per cent increase in assault incidents on enforcement staff, with 25 cases recorded in 2019/20.

DVSA director of enforcement, Marian Kitson said: “DVSA’s priority is to protect everyone from unsafe drivers and vehicles.

“Whilst the majority of drivers are courteous to our roadside enforcement staff, they need to be able to protect the public without fear of violence.

“We take a zero-tolerance approach to physical and verbal assaults and the bodycams will act as a deterrent.

“They will also enable us to manage, support and respond to any assaults that takes place.”

The move brings DVSA in line with many other enforcement bodies such as the police who have been using ‘bodycams’ for a number of years in their frontline work.

The cameras are small devices slightly larger than a credit card which are usually worn on the chest, and record video and audio much like a personal CCTV device.

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  1. i will buy one and film them when they visit, see if their rights are infringed upon! it is time for them to treat garages the same as they expect


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