DVSA warns of “more rigorous” application of rules for motorcycle MOT

Image: Bigstock.

20 disciplinary points given for every failure item a tester misses.

The DVSA has this week confirmed that it is now applying the rules for incorrect test standards for motorcycles more rigorously.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “Motorcycles have fewer parts and missed defects on a motorcycle may have a greater impact on road safety than a similar item on a car or van.”

For every failure item a tester misses when carrying out a test, 20 disciplinary points are given.

50 points or more in a single case can lead to short term cessation.

The spokesperson added: “We randomly check both car and motorcycle MOTs to make sure tests are being carried out correctly and following appropriate procedure.

“This includes mystery shopper tests with defects.

“We’re not changing the current rules, just the way we apply them.

“Cases will still be reviewed on their own merits and sanctions to testers and authorised examiners will be applied as we deem necessary.” 

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