Fire risk prompts UK recall of 10,000 Volkswagen Group hybrid cars

Insufficiently insulated high-voltage battery linked to 16 incidents involving fires

Around 10,000 Audi, VW, Cupra Seat and Skoda plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are being recalled over concerns about a fire risk.

It’s part of a global recall which totals more 100,000 PHEVs produced by the carmaker.

An insufficiently insulated high-voltage battery is reported to be the cause of the problem.

Germany’s road vehicle authority, KBA, has linked the issue to reports of 16 incidents involving fires.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Volkswagen UK said: “As part of our longstanding process of monitoring of vehicles in service, Volkswagen has found that a fuse in the drive system of some plug-in hybrid vehicles may have defects in individual cases.

“In rare cases, this could lead to this fuse not working correctly in a case of overvoltage.

“Therefore, as part of a recall, an insulating mat is installed as a precaution.”

In the UK 3,656 Audi vehicles, 2,347 Cupra and Seat models, 2,018 Skodas and 1,868 Volkswagen vehicles will be the subject of the recall.

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