Free Covid-19 cash flow forecast files shared for garage owners

Template spreadsheet and detailed video guide to help owners plan next 12-months

A free cash flow forecast spreadsheet and video guidance is being shared to help independent garage owners at a time where many may soon experience cash flow problems.

Alex Lindley of Lindleys Autocentres and Garage Hive told GW that he created the resources “to help as many businesses as possible with a task that many have never had to perform before”.

He added: “As many garages are closed or on reduced capacity, cash flow is going to very quickly become a problem for most businesses.

“It’s more important now than ever that business owners understand how the next 12 months might look so they can plan accordingly.

“For those that will be applying for loans, a cash flow forecast will also be a requirement on most applications.”

To use the spreadsheet, garage owners need to download the file and save a copy to work in.

The video explains in detail how to use the spreadsheet to create a forecast.

Download a copy of the spreadsheet and complete your cash flow forecast by clicking here.

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