Garage owner runs 60 miles to raise money for charity

Sid Parr took part in the Run 60 Miles in August challenge

A garage owner from Market Harborough has completed the Run 60 Miles in August challenge, helping to raise money in the fight against motor neurone disease (MND).

Sid Parr, owner of Parr Automotive First Stop, hit the 60-mile mark last week, smashing his target of £1,500 by raising £1,705 for the charity. He decided to take on the challenge after his mum was diagnosed with MND and his uncle died from it in 2014.

He told the Harborough Mail: “I had an urge to raise money for the MND Association having seen their amazing work first hand. I just wanted to do something to make a small difference while showing my love towards my mum in my own way. It is hard to see the person you have loved all of your life slowly fade away, which is what MND does to people.

“Having been diagnosed four-and-a-half years ago, we don’t know how long she has left and is no longer able to communicate with us. One of the worst aspects is being powerless to do anything, so the closest thing we could think of was to embark on this 60 mile run challenge during the month of August.”

Having completed the challenge, Sid posted on Facebook: “Done it! Only needed another 1.6 miles to tip me over the 60-mile mark but went the extra mile and smashed out 8 miles.”

The Run 60 Miles in August challenge has currently raised £63,829 of a £66,000 target.

Source: Harborough Mail

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