GiPA UK forecasts electrified vehicles will represent 20% of the passenger car parc by 2025

New tool that captures the complete picture of the UK car parc

The growth in volume of hybrids and electric car sales has been accelerating in 2020, and the UK government roadmap published last month lays out the target for the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) ban by 2030.

Whilst new car sales and the governments goals are aligned, it is crucial for aftermarket players to understand the true pace of this transition to plan and implement their future strategy.

To support aftermarket players in making informed decisions, GiPA UK has built a car parc forecast tool that captures a complete picture of the UK car parc regarding size, age, and engine type distribution by 2025, and even as far ahead as 2030. GiPA UK has used this tool to build two car parc scenarios and has forecast that electrified vehicles will represent between 19% and 21% of the UK passenger car parc by 2025.

In other words, it means that 1 out of 5 cars on the road in 2025 will be electrified, and as such the need for aftermarket players to include those vehicles in their future business strategy is paramount.

GiPA UK Director, Quentin Le Hetet says: “It is becoming essential for aftermarket players of all kinds to integrate electrified vehicles into their medium to long term business plans. They need to understand how this will affect them, and what their response should be to this new segment in terms of equipment, staff, and training. It’s equally important for them to remember that traditional ICE cars will continue to be a significant part of the market after 2030.”

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