Glasgow garage owner gets £100k donation to fight against Low Emission Zone

A garage owner in Glasgow has received a £100,000 donation to fight against the city’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

In June, we reported on how William Paton of Patons Accident Repair Centre failed to delay the introduction of the scheme, but planned to take the case to judicial review. Now, an anonymous donor has pledged £40,000 to his LEZ Fight Back Fund website, with a further £60,000 available if required.

The money will go towards the legal fees incurred by bringing the case before a judicial review, which is expected to total around £200,000.

William told Glasgow Live: “This campaign will cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees and this hugely generous donation will go a long way to help us provide the legal, media and political opposition in our fight with the duplicitous Glasgow City Council.

“We cannot believe the lies and false statistics that are being bandied about by council officers and we know that they know that their figures are wildly out of date and are misleading the motorists and citizens of Glasgow. How long do Cllr Susan Aitken and Cllr Angus Millar think they can get away with this massive con?”

The Scottish Private Hire Association has been named as a supporter of William’s fight. A spokesperson said: “Our private hire car trade exists in a symbiotic balance with all other industries, including and especially, hospitality and nightlife. If one domino falls, they all fall.

“The Scottish Private Hire Association supports the legal challenge being made against the LEZ as we want to see the city centre recover, which in turn helps our own trade survive.”

Previously, Glasgow City Council’s climate and transport convenor, councillor Angus Millar, said: ”It’s important to stress that around 85-90 percent of vehicles that currently enter the city centre have already been meeting the standards of the LEZ.

”There will definitely be some impacts on certain businesses who might have to change the way they operate.

”What I would say is there have been around 500 LEZs or similar initiatives in operation across Europe and we’ve seen that city centre businesses by and large have actually benefitted from the improvements in air quality.”

Source: Glasgow Live

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