Government considers £6,000 vehicle scrappage scheme

Announcement expected to be made on 6 July after third phase of lockdown easing

The UK government is set to introduce a new scrappage scheme offering drivers discounts of up to £6000 to switch from petrol and diesel to electric or hybrid cars, latest reports suggest.

Full details of how the scheme would work have not emerged yet but an announcement is expected to be made on 6 July, shortly after the third phase of lockdown easing is due to come into effect.

However, the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAAF) has warned that a new scrappage scheme would have a “significantly negative effect” on the automotive aftermarket.

The 2009 scrappage scheme removed 400,000 serviceable vehicles from the aftermarket.

The IAAF fears employment in the independent automotive aftermarket would be damaged by a scrappage scheme and jeopardise thousands of repair businesses.

Last week a leaked letter sent to Chancellor Rishi Sunak from the SMMT proposed a scrappage scheme which would cut £2,500 off the price of a new car to prompt a further 600,000 new vehicles enter the road.

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  1. another example of a bad situation being made worse,the last thing the repair sector needs is customers being sucked into buying a new car when there existing car at 100,000mls has another 5 years of life left in it and would be a massive waste to destroy the car.
    have they not learnt anything after what happenend last time a scrap scheme was in place ???
    who are thease people making poor,ill thought out decisions that affect our repair sector,they need to operate a garage and an mot bay in the current climate that would change there mind !!!

  2. It’s gonna cause more unemployment in the motor trade, me thinks if they go ahead with it.
    Garage’s are struggling as it is, we don’t want to be kicked when were down


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