HELLA to present new lighting and sensor tech at LogiMAT 2023

Highlights include a new S series work lamp and sensor solutions for driver assistance systems

HELLA will be presenting innovative lighting and electronics solutions at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

LogiMAT is the leading international trade fair for distribution, material and information flow and the HELLA highlights at the event include a new model of the S series of work lamps, proven sensor technologies as well as tailor-made lighting technology solutions.

HELLA’s S series work lamps have been in use in the industry since 2021 and are considered a reliable and robust lighting solution for demanding work environments, but HELLA will present the expansion of the range with the Ultra Beam product family.

The Ultra Beam work lamp will be available on the market from summer and, with 4400 lumens, offers the highest light output of the S series. At the same time, it sets new standards in energy efficiency. The light distributions were developed specifically for applications on off-highway vehicles, such as forklifts and vehicles from the material handling sector.

Another HELLA highlight is the innovative VISIOTECH lighting technology solution. With VISIOTECH projection technology, communication by light is possible, for example, warning symbols for marking danger zones can be projected onto surfaces, which increases safety and comfort in everyday work. Visitors can experience the innovative VISIOTECH technology live on, among other things, the HELLA Module 50 LED Spot. The warning light is able to project a circular warning spot onto the ground or the working area, which warns people of approaching vehicles in good time and occupational safety is significantly increased.

In addition to lighting technology, as one of the leading suppliers of sensor solutions, HELLA will also be presenting its 77 GHz radar sensor, which is used in state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and helps to increase road safety. The sensor enables 360-degree detection of moving objects such as pedestrians or vehicles, as well as stationary surrounding objects.

Due to the small dimensions and the good transmission properties of the 77 GHz technology, the sensors can be mounted or integrated in a concealed manner behind the bumper or on the side of the vehicle.

Thanks to the special chip architecture, digital components as well as self-diagnosis systems can be integrated in addition to components for transmitting/receiving. The HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors have protection classes IP 6K7 and IP 6K9K.

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