IAAF launches aftermarket ‘Intelligence Report’

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Monthly detailed report on current state of the market gathered and supplied by GiPA

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) is furthering its commitment to providing members with informative insight with the launch of the IAAF Intelligence Report, in partnership with GiPA.

The member-exclusive benefit aims to provide a monthly, detailed report on the current state of the market, with information gathered and supplied by GiPA.

Key topics covered will vary month to month, with the first IAAF Intelligence Report including a beneficial breakdown of MOT failure rates from July to September 2022.

A key takeaway from the statistics provided highlights how failure rates tend to peak in quarter four, with more than 30 percent of cars failing in this period in 2021.

Although 2022 findings are currently just below 30 per cent, these are expected to rise to be in line with 2021’s as a result of the ageing car parc, with figures still being confirmed.

The report identifies that of all failures, 27 per cent of dangerous.

And goes even further to reveal that lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment accounted for 26 per cent of MOT failures in quarter three of 2022, which is then followed by suspension (19 per cent) and brakes (16 per cent).

Other topics covered in the report include new passenger car sales throughout Europe 2022, and how this will affect the aftermarket, as well as including a breakdown of new sales by powertrain.

The report also features information on MOT test volume, measuring key peaks and expected demand.

The report will also present challenges and opportunities, such as supply of products and services, as well as any other issues affecting the industry, helping members to prepare accordingly and futureproof their businesses.

Mark Field, IAAF chief executive, said: “As the past few years have proven, there are many factors that can affect all areas of the aftermarket, from new and ever-changing legislation, constantly evolving technology and a myriad of other influences; some of which are quite often unexpected or unprecedented.

“Together with GiPA, IAAF is continuously striving to offer members as much information as possible to ensure they are fully aware of market opportunities and demand, allowing the supply chain to fully service customers and their requirements.”


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