IAAF pushes Competition and Markets Authority for answers ahead of block exemption expiry

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Federation growing “increasingly concerned” over need to renew current sector-specific regulations in UK

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has asked the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) if they are planning to hold industry sector discussions about the renewal of Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (MV-BER) ahead of its expiry in the UK in May 2023, the federation reports.

The IAAF, as part of UK AFCAR, previously submitted a paper to the CMA detailing its concerns over the need to renew the current sector-specific regulations.

Block exemption regulations contain essential provisions, ensuring the servicing of vehicles under warranty, the trade of spare parts and the access to technical information.

Mark Field, IAAF chief executive, said: “We are increasingly concerned, given the timescale to the expiry of the existing regulation, to know if detailed sector specific discussions are being considered and when these will take place.

“These regulations, fought for over many years, have provided the independent aftermarket protection and the ability to successfully access technical information.

“The IAAF and UK AFCAR stands ready to protect the sector which provides quality, choice and affordable mobility to millions of UK motorists.”

The EU has proposed a five-year extension to Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations, with some alterations to take into account technology changes.

Evidence is currently being collected by UK AFCAR which shows vehicle manufacturers and their authorised networks to be ‘misinterpreting’ current MVBER.

In recent months it has received information on the prevention of access to technical information for independent garages, and also an unwillingness to investigate customer issues, once the vehicle has been worked on by the independent aftermarket within the warranty period.

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