Liverpool taxi caught with illegal tyres

Photo: Liverpool City Council

The vehicle failed an MOT test at the end of January

A private hire vehicle (PHV) in Liverpool was stopped by enforcement officers after they discovered it was operating on illegal tyres.

Using X (formerly Twitter) to post an image of the car’s refusal of an MOT test certificate, a spokesperson for Liverpool City Council’s Licensing and Public Protection Service said: “Licensing Enforcement Officers discovered a Liverpool PHV operating with this illegal tyre.

“It wasn’t as if the driver was unaware of it! The driver is to be reported for the offence.”

The vehicle failed the MOT test at the end of January, with two dangerous defects, three major defects and a pair of advisories.

Both front tyres had tread depth below the minimum requirements, while one of the rears was close to the legal limit.

Source: TaxiPoint

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  1. let me tell you if you check 100 taxis you will find over 60 will have a one or more bold tyres on them , the tyre law in the uk is pathetic we see loads everyday .


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