Majority of motorists “not interested” in shared mobility

Result come days after DfT said UK needs to move away from private vehicle ownership

More than 60 per cent of drivers aren’t interested in shared mobility schemes, a YouGov mobility survey of 2,400 people has found.

The survey conducted on behalf of technology company Stripe garnered the response to a question which offered participants 10 options and asked them what their motivations would be for using a shared mobility scheme.

A dislike to any kind of shared mobility emerged as the most common response, with the next largest motivation cited as “environmental concerns”, attracting just 20 per cent of the vote.

It comes just days after transport minister Trudy Harrison has said shared mobility must become “the norm” and favoured over private vehicle ownership.

Speaking at the Collaborative Mobility UK transport conference, the minister said the country needs to move away from “20th century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership” and introduce “greater flexibility, with personal choice and low carbon shared transport”.

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