Men subjected to vicious attack at garage in Glasgow

Photo: Totally Spanners/Facebook

Gang attacked two men in their 60s at the motorcycle garage

Two men, aged 62 and 67, were taken to hospital after a gang of 20 men “armed to the teeth with weapons” stormed a motorcycle garage in Glasgow.

The attack happened in broad daylight at the Totally Spanners garage on the city’s Hillington Industrial Estate.

A source told the Daily Record: “The guys were inside the garage with two friends when about 20 guys piled in wearing balaclavas and armed to the teeth with weapons.

“All hell just broke loose. They’ve shoved one of the guy’s into the corner and whacked him around the side of the head with a spanner multiple times. He ended up in hospital with a bleed on the brain, a broken thumb and bruises all over his body. He also hurt his ankle after falling during the attack and landing on a bin.

“The other guy dived into the toilet and the gang were hacking at the door trying to get him. The two customers who were there were told to sit down and be quiet while this was all happening. It must have been absolutely terrifying for them.”

In addition to the attack on the men, the gang caused damage to the workshop and vehicles parked at the premises. Police recovered a cosh, spanners and hacksaw that were left by the fleeing gang.

The source added: “They said they think they know which gang it was that was responsible. The guys have had the garage for around seven years and nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Source: Daily Record

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