MOT demand pushing testing volumes up to 60% higher than normal levels

MOTs to reach new seasonal peak in October and November despite one million vehicle owners bringing their test forward last month

The number of MOTs set to be carried out in October and November will be 60 per cent higher than normal volumes, according to the latest DVSA forecast.

The agency’s ‘beat the rush’ campaign, which has received mixed feedback, prompted more than one million vehicle owners to bring their test forward last month.

Of the 3.7 million MOTs which took place this September, more than one million were not due until between October 2020 and January 2021.

The data, released this month, also shows that 310,000 more tests were carried out in August this year – an extra 10,000 MOTs a day on a typical year.

After launching a campaign and calling on garages to help encourage customers to bring their MOT test forward ahead of an “MOT rush” this autumn, the DVSA has now updated its marketing materials for garages as part of its ‘beat the rush’ campaign.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “The key message now is for customers to book their MOT as early as possible.

“By encouraging customers to book early, we hope you are able to plan effectively for this busy period and maximise the number of MOTs you can complete.

“From speaking with industry stakeholders, such as the Independent Garage Association, we believe garages are in a good position going into the autumn.”

Earlier this month a GiPA spokesperson said: “The comparison of the DVSA estimate released in August and in September, shows that the number of MOT certificate set to expire in October and November have decreased respectively by 12 per cent and five per cent.

“In other terms, 12 per cent of drivers with an MOT due in October, and 5 per cent with theirs due in November carried their MOT test out earlier than planned to ‘beat the rush’.”

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