Motorists urged to make “basic car checks” as 13 million to hit roads for ‘staycation’

Three million admit to never carrying out any special checks before hitting the road

With disruption to travel and continuing uncertainty surrounding just what will and won’t be possible over the coming months, many families are relying on their car for a summer break but millions have admitted to never carrying out any special checks before hitting the road.

New research from Kwik Fit revealed that only 15 per cent of UK adults are heading overseas, while 13.1 million are opting to use their vehicle to get away for a UK break this summer.

The most common reason given by people on why they were planning to travel by car was to minimise the risk of infection.

As holidaymakers prepare to load up their vehicles, drivers are urged to remember their all-important checks ahead of travel.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Many people will have had to completely rethink their travel plans this summer and have been looking at the best way to ensure their family can still get a break.

“It’s clear from this research that the roads are going to be extremely busy so the last thing anyone will want is the added hassle of car trouble.

“Carrying out a few checks on a vehicle before travelling a distance could prevent any unwanted delays on the side of the road.”

The 13.1 million setting off on UK roads for a domestic break will cover an average of 804 miles – a combined total of 10.6 billion holiday miles.

Three million of those using their car to holiday this summer admitted to never carrying out any special checks before hitting the road.

Even the most basic checks are being neglected by many – only half of the drivers planning to travel with their car this summer check tyre pressure (54 per cent), screen wash levels (50 per cent) or oil levels (49 per cent) before setting off.

Just one in four (23 per cent) check the condition of their spare wheel, only 32 per cent check brake fluid, 33 per cent look at coolant levels and just 39 per cent check their tyre tread depth.

Worryingly, in spite of the government ending the automatic extension of MOT expiry dates, fewer than one in five drivers (19 per cent) planning a trip with their car validate its MOT ahead of doing so.

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