New Skyline equipped with DRiV ‘continuously variable semi-active’ suspension tech

System senses road conditions and independently adjusts electronically controlled shocks.

Nissan’s 2020 Skyline 400R, which is now available in Japan with ‘intelligent dynamic suspension’ (IDS), featuring DRiV continuously variable semi-active (CVSAe) suspension technology.

The CVSAe system automatically senses road and driving conditions and independently adjusts the four electronically controlled shock absorbers in real time for superior comfort, handling and driving enjoyment.

Brad Norton, executive vice president and president for ride performance at DRiV, said: “Since its introduction in 1957, the iconic Skyline has helped set the standard for driving enjoyment.

“We are pleased to help continue this impressive tradition with Monroe intelligent suspension technology in Japan.

“Our CVSAe solution is a popular, proven solution that enables consumers to customize their ride experience based on driving situation and personal preference.”

For further information about Monroe, click here.


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