No 2022 MOT training deadline extension, DVSA warns

More than 50,000 testers are yet to complete annual assessment before 31 March

There will not be an extension to the current MOT annual training year, the DVSA has warned.

The announcement follows previous extensions due to the pandemic.

Testers that fail to complete the mandatory training and assessment before 31 March, 2022, will be suspended from testing.

This year’s assessment pass mark remains at 80 per cent.

Chris Price, head of MOT policy at the DVSA, said: “For the past couple of years, we have extended the annual training year in order to help the industry recover from Covid 19.

“However, this year things are much improved, and we will not be extending the annual training year.

“Therefore, if you have not completed this year’s annual training by midnight Thursday 31 March 2022 you will be suspended from testing.”

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