Owner ditches Range Rover after £14k insurance quote

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The car is stolen just a day later

A motorist who handed back his four-year-old Range Rover after being quoted £14,000 for insurance received a call from the police to say it had been stolen.

The Range Rover was collected by British Car Auctions on behalf of the finance company at 4pm last Wednesday, only for it to be stolen at some point the next day. Owner Mark Perring received a call from the police at 2pm on Friday morning.

Mr Perring told MailOnline: “I tell them it doesn’t belong to me anymore, it’s been taken by British Car Auctions to Blackhorse. Then the police called me and said they had managed to catch one of the two people who’ve stolen the car. You could not make this up.

The Range Rover had previously been fitted with an aftermarket immobiliser to improve the car’s security.

Mr Perring added: “These cars are £100,000; it’s f***ing ridiculous. It’s shambolic. They’re so easy to steal it’s ridiculous. It’s not worth buying them.

“I had it for four years on a finance deal and I handed it back because of the insurance. Literally within a day it’s stolen after taking this immobiliser off. It’s farcical.”

A spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) told MailOnline: “Although we can not comment on this case due to the ongoing police investigation, JLR will assist the police to look into this claim.

“For all new, and with our previous generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport from 2018 model year, if vehicles are properly locked, and are up to date with the latest security updates, they will be immune to both the relay attack and BCM [Body Control Module] theft method.

“We urge all clients who have been contacted by JLR to receive complimentary security upgrades to take us up on these. They can be arranged via authorised retailers and only take around 20 minutes or our specialist roadside assistance teams can come to them for added convenience.

“Over 80,000 clients have now received these and we will continue to roll these out as part of nationwide programme and wider £15 million investment into vehicle security.”

Source: MailOnline

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