Peacocks invade garage workshop during partial lockdown closure

Apprentice runs out workshop screaming after returning to work for emergency vehicle repairs

Peacocks have invaded an independent garage workshop in Sheldon, Kent during its partial coronavirus closure.

An apprentice returned to the workshop, which remains open for emergency repairs only, to discover the birds perched on the of an MOT ramp.

Campbells of Deal garage owner, Neil Ewbank said: “We turned up for work as normal and there were these peacocks walking around the estate which I thought was a bit odd.

“My apprentice was working away on a car and all of a sudden he looked up and saw four peacocks standing there staring at him and he ran out screaming.

“By the time we got them to leave through one door, they were walking through another.

“Then one of the lads heard a tip tap on the stairs and they had got inside the office so we pursued them and found them sitting on the chairs.

“Once I got over the initial shock of seeing four great big birds in the office, it was pretty entertaining.’

He added that they had been in the garage ‘all day’, explaining: ‘They have also been sitting on the concrete, I think it’s nice and cool for them.

“There’s been a few accidents here and there but they’re pretty cooperative.’

The birds live 1.5 miles away in Sholden and return to their home every night with owner Paul Louis.

They are usually spotted around the village of Sholden but began venturing further afield during the coronavirus lockdown.

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