Police stop van with shredded tyre

Image: Greater Manchester Police.

Driver told officers they thought it just needed air

A van driver who thought his shredded tyre was ‘safe to drive on’ at more than 40mph has been reported by police.

Traffic officers stopped the motorist on the A34 dual carriageway in Stockport.

The driver was given a lesson by police on what a legal tyre looks like — and was then made to change it and reported.

In a tweet, Greater Manchester Police said: “[Police vehicle] XT41 stopped this vehicle travelling at speeds above 40mph on A34 dual carriageway, [in] Stockport.“Driver stated the tyre was safe to drive on and thought it just needed pumping up.

“Driver [was then] educated on what a safe, legal tyre looks like, made to change the tyre & reported.”

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