Revealed: The most common reasons for MOT failures

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Tyres, coil springs and headlamp aim top the list

New research shows the most common causes for MOT failures in the UK, and although the company behind the study says some of the reasons are “unexpected”, we suspect they won’t come as a surprise to the nation’s MOT testers.

One Sure Insurance analysed the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) database of 38,155,866 MOT tests in 2021 to find the most common causes of failure among Class 4 vehicles.

A spokesperson for the insurance broker said: ”The research sheds light on critical areas of concern for vehicle owners. The results can be helpful for drivers who want to keep their vehicles in good condition and pass the MOT inspection with flying colours.

“It’s essential for all drivers to take note of these findings and address any potential issues before an inspection. This proactive approach can help drivers avoid expensive repairs in the future and keep their cars running safely on the road.”

The top 10 reasons for MOT failures

  1. Tyres: 1,101,839 fails
  2. Coil springs: 1,069,069
  3. Headlamp aim: 806,993
  4. Wipers: 778,244
  5. Position lamp: 759,032
  6. Brake pads: 674,986
  7. Pins and bushes: 632,061
  8. Ball joint: 620,900
  9. Service brake performance: 615,329
  10. Rigid brake pipes: 522,429

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