Schaeffler REPXPERT app adds VIN reader

New scanning functionality provides accurate vehicle identification

Created ‘By experts – For experts’, Schaeffler’s REPXPERT service programme is designed to equip vehicle technicians with the information they need to make professional repairs simpler and more efficient, which has been further improved by with the addition of a new VIN number scanning function to the REPXPERT app.

The REPXPERT app is an increasingly popular way for users to access the invaluable platform, which helps professional technicians to stay informed, learn more about new and future technologies, and protect the long-term future of their business, directly from their mobile device.

The new VIN scanning function is now the fastest and easiest way of identifying the vehicle, but if you don’t have the vehicle on site you can still use the VRM lookup to quickly access the correct information.

It also adds a new dimension for app users because, although they can already search for vehicles by registration number or application, or for specific parts by OE, competitor and Schaeffler references, the VIN is the vehicle’s unique identity, so ensures users have complete identification accuracy.

This major development complements the app’s other features, such as the ability to scan the barcode on any Schaeffler carton to see all of the vehicle application, product and service information available for that specific repair solution.

The DMF CheckPoint tool is also fully integrated into the app, along with contact details and background information about Schaeffler, the company.

More than 2,000 technicians in the UK are already actively using the app on a daily basis.

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