Scottish town named as worst place to pass MOT

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Scottish towns dominate the list of areas with the lowest percentage pass rate

Kirkcaldy in Scotland has been named the area of the UK where a car is least likely to pass its MOT. This is according to figures based on the latest GOV.UK data.

Cars in the Fife town have a 72.9 percent chance of passing the test, with Scottish areas dominating the unwelcome top ten. Indeed, the list makes for grim reading for anyone sending a car for an MOT test in Scotland or the West Country.

A spokesperson for A-Plan Insurance, the company behind the study, said: ”An MOT checks that your vehicle meets the road safety and environmental standards and is a requirement by law but it is a particularly easy test to fail.

“This research highlights where some UK areas will be splashing the cash as, according to the latest data, they are more likely to fail this test.

”It is suggested that if an area is offering low costs for the MOT itself, you will incur higher costs for the parts that need fixing and/or replacing which is something we advise to be aware of.”

Lowest percentage pass rate

  1. Kirkcaldy: 72.9 percent pass rate
  2. Dundee: 74 percent
  3. Truro: 74.5 percent
  4. Plymouth 74.8 percent
  5. Aberdeen: 75.9 percent
  6. Exeter: 76.2 percent
  7. Torquay: 76.3 percent
  8. Llandrindod Wells and Perth: 76.7 percent
  9. Telford, Bristol and Inverness: 77.2 percent
  10. Paisley: 77.3 percent

There’s better news for motorists in Enfield, with the London borough seeing a percentage pass rate of 87.04 percent.

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