Servicesure – A Year in Review

Our look at how Servicesure have got on throughout 2023

Servicesure had a fantastic 2023 in which it increased the range and accessibility of its training, benefits and add-ons, so join us on a whistlestop tour of Servicesure in 2023.

Servicesure always look to offer the most relevant products for its members, especially when it comes to differentiating themselves from main dealers, which is why EVSure was such a key focus in 2023. In January, the team showcased EVsure in Brighton at the EV Ready event. Recharge Rescue followed shortly after as a new way for EVSure members to offer customers peace of mind and to ease range anxiety.

Another big feature this year has been the market-first Customer Service training. Teams from 45 garages have been given the skills to offer their customers a top-level experience and there are big plans to significantly increase that number in 2024 with both this and other training courses.

Top brands such as Brembo, Delphi and LUK also featured heavily in Servicesure’s training schedule, with 12 events across the year. These are a great way to improve product and technical knowledge for key brands, and they also support our add-on schemes such as Brakesure and Oilsure. These will continue at pace in 2024, along with a brand-new cyber security training course. As another market first, this will help garages to ensure all client data is secure and that they are taking the appropriate measures to protect themselves from a digital and technological perspective.

The cost of living crisis hit hard in 2023, so Servicesure found new ways to help members make real savings by sourcing the best options possible for compulsory services. Through a new insurance partnership with Kingfisher, Servicesure members have saved more than £100,000 in insurance premiums since March and have also been able to take advantage of a more cost-efficient payment service in Clover payment machines.

Members can offer 30, 60 or 90 day payment options to retail customers through Bumper, but in 2023 Servicesure extended this service to trade customers as well, ensuring the garage isn’t exposed to debt and can carry out the work required without second thought.

2023 was also a year of milestones, with Servicesure becoming the most followed garage programme on social media when it hit 10,000 followers. Sales from Servicesure member accounts also increased by 20% over the year, supported by our branch teams.

In Q4 the team delivered their biggest ever Servicesure Autocentre of the Year Awards. For the first time, the event featured a pre-dinner trade show with key suppliers, adding a new and insightful element to the annual event.

2024 will see the Servicesure sales team supercharged, with plans to double the size of the team to enable a six-week cycle of visitation for garages, rather than the two-to-three-month cycle in place at the moment. Greater relationships can be forged with better and more frequent communication, so the stronger team will support our branches in strengthening relationships with member garages.

Head of Servicesure Paul Dineen said: “With so much achieved in 2023, we’re carrying great momentum into 2024. Servicesure is already a fantastic option for independent garages and it’s our mission to transform it into an essential one. We can’t wait to get started and work closely with the branch network to make this our most successful year so far.”


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