Should you MOT a car BEFORE or AFTER a full service?

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Do you agree with this mechanic from the West Midlands?

It’s a question often asked by motorists: should you MOT a car before or after a service? Well, an MOT tester from Walsall Wood Service has taken to TikTok to deliver, what he says, is the right answer.

Mechanic Craig says a customer should get their car tested BEFORE forking out for a full service.

The TikTok clip was made in response to a comment from Phill, which said: “My biggest annoyance is when I pay for a full service and MOT and they do the MOT first and act all surprised that something was wrong…”

Craig says a ‘caring garage’ will do the MOT first.

He continues: “Why do we MOT the car first? In today’s society, life is expensive, and not everybody can afford to pay for a mass of MOT failures and a service as well.

“So should a car fail an MOT, the customer is given the option to carry out the repairs and skip the service for now, or postpone the service, so that they can save money on that initial visit.

“By doing the service first they’ve already completed a big chunk of that bill that you’re gonna get, and they’re now giving you an even bigger one to tell you all the things it’s about to fail its MOT on.”

“Unlike a service, an MOT is a legal requirement for you to drive that vehicle on the road, so you’re now absolutely stuck; you’ve just paid £300 and you still can’t drive your car on the road because it’s about to fail the MOT.

“Always a good idea when doing an MOT and a service to MOT the car first so that you can give the customer the best value for money and the opportunity to save money where they can.”

Not everyone who commented on the clip agrees with Craig’s advice, but what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Source: The Sun

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