Steve Coogan to sell his early E-Type dealer demonstrator

Jaguar Heritage certified car estimated to sell at £300,000 to £350,000

TV actor and comedian, Steve Coogan is to sell his Jaguar E-Type at the forthcoming Silverstone Classic Live online auction.

It is one of the first 92 right-hand drives cars produced and one of the 56 used by the dealers as demonstration cars.

The E-Type was the first one that went to Scotland in July 1961, to Jaguar Edinburgh but dealers were forbidden to sell these cars until the September.

On the 8th September 1961 chassis number #62 was registered to its very first owner in North Berwick who kept the car until 1978 when it was sold to its second owner who resided in Edinburgh.

It was later sold to its third Scottish owner in Fife and returned to Edinburgh for its fourth owner.

By spending much of its time in Scotland 062 kept a very low profile.

In 2016 Silverstone Auctions sold the car, having been coaxed out of Scotland and now identified as one of the 92 original cars.

An eagle-eyed Quentin Willson, himself a former owner of an early E-Type took note of the car’s sale and with his friend Steve Coogan set about acquiring the car for Steve’s rare and desirable collection of classic cars.

During #62’s lifetime it had undergone some restoration but in 2017 XK Engineering were commissioned to carry out a full nut and bolt restoration.

This project was to take two years and was fully documented by Classic Cars magazine.

Most importantly this rare early E-Type still retained its matching body, engine and cylinder head as well as Moss gearbox.

The detail of this car didn’t stop there, it still had its full flat floor, split throttle linkage, rear view mirror, bonnet louvres and the all-important outside bonnet latches.

These unique features making this car stand out as one of these very early cars.

Nick Whale, Silverstone Auctions managing director said: “Where do I start, this really is a fabulous car of the highest quality.

“The history that accompanies it is just perfect, the restoration speaks for itself and has been fully documented.”

Interested parties can contact Silverstone Auctions on 01926 691141.

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