The Motor Ombudsman’s online Knowledge Base posts a record number of views in 2022

More than 640,000 article views across 10 categories in 2022, marking highest ever volume recorded on the information portal in a single year

The Motor Ombudsman’s Knowledge Base, the online resource designed to make it quicker and easier for motorists to resolve their query or complaint in relation to buying and owning a car prior to submitting a dispute, saw over 640,000 article views in 2022, setting a new annual record for the resource.

This represents a 75% increase versus the readership volume for 2021 (around 367,500), with the rise driven by greater awareness of the resource and an enhanced library of content for consumers.

This latest milestone also brings the total number of views since the Knowledge Base launched in 2019 to nearly 1.3 million.

Accessed via the ‘Find an answer’ button at the top of every page of The Motor Ombudsman’s website (and at, the simple-to-navigate Knowledge Base features 10 individual categories, which are home to nearly 200 bite-sized and informative question and answer-style

These are regularly reviewed by the Ombudsman for the automotive sector as part of an ongoing programme of content updates, whilst new articles are also published in line with some of the most common queries raised by consumers when bringing their motoring-related disputes to The Motor Ombudsman.

The categories offered on the Knowledge Base span different aspects of car ownership, such as buying and maintaining a vehicle, to dispute resolution, and electric vehicles (EVs).

A dedicated section on The Motor Ombudsman itself was also recently introduced to bring together frequently asked questions about the background and role of the organisation.

Knowledge Base users equally have the facility to enter their own specific query using the search bar function to find out more information in relation to their question.

Amongst the most consulted Q&As in the past year, was the article about whether a consumer is able to return a vehicle within 14 days of buying it.

Found in the New and Used Car Sales category, the piece explains that the answer differs according to whether the vehicle was purchased in person at the retailer’s premises or ‘at a distance’, such as over the internet, due to the differences in legislation.

Similarly, the Q&A explores the actions that a vehicle owner is able to take if a fault is found with a car after taking ownership.

Another Q&A that caught the attention of readers in 2022, also from the New and Used Car Sales area, looks at whether a consumer can have their deposit refunded following the cancellation of a new or used car purchase and the implications of buying a vehicle on finance.

In terms of the service and repair category, amongst the most popular reads, has been what a motorist is able to do if they deem a garage to be taking too long to fix their vehicle.

In this scenario, the short Q&A Registered Number 06517394, England ‘The Motor Ombudsman’ and the ‘Motor Industry Codes of Practice’ logo are trademarks of The Motor Ombudsman Limited points out that, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 legislation, the business has an obligation to conduct repairs within a ‘reasonable’ time frame, which is determined by the nature of the work that is required.

Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman and managing director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “The record number of article views seen in 2022 echoes the growing popularity of our Knowledge Base as an authoritative point of reference for consumers.

“It also reflects our sustained focus on ensuring that the portal addresses some of the most frequently seen motoring queries raised by vehicle owners when buying or running a car, and what steps may be taken if a dispute arises.

“With the Knowledge Base set to play an even more integral role within our dispute resolution process as a core information hub, we will be continuing to build and refresh the resource based on the latest trends that we see from our own data and the industry as a whole.

“Ultimately, our objective is to provide a comprehensive library of Q&As that best respond to the needs of those consumers coming to us for assistance.”

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