Toyota recalls bZ4X amid concerns wheels could fall off

Wheel bolt fault could result in wheels coming loose

Toyota has issued a global recall for its bZ4X fully-electric SUV following an issue with its wheel bolts.

The global recall was made amid fears the wheel bolts could work loose “in certain situations”.

The first UK examples are due to be delivered to owners in the next couple of weeks but the recall will delay on customer delivery.

The Japanese recall notices states: “The hub bolt may loosen due to repeated sharp turns and sudden braking.

“Therefore, if you continue to drive in that state, abnormal noise will be generated, and in the worst case, the tyres may fall off.”

A spokesman at Toyota UK said: “The issues weren’t in the UK, but rather than just recall the cars there, we’ve taken the safety decision to recall all cars globally.

“The problem is to do with the wheel bolts which can work loose in certain situations.

“Customer cars here haven’t been delivered yet, so all cars affected will be sorted first.

“This may delay delivery”

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