Toyota reveals factory plans to “refurb” cars for second and third owners

Plans come as part of Toyota’s aim to extend contact time with customers “at least to 10 years”

Toyota has revealed plans in which it will “refresh” ex-customer cars at its UK manufacturing facility as part of a drive to add value throughout the life cycle of a vehicle.

Under the new scheme, the car maker will return used models to its factory after the first ownership to be refurbished to as close to ‘as-new’ as is possible.

The process could be repeated for the third owner, president and managing director of Toyota GB, Agustin Martin told Autocar.

He said: “I think we’re very familiar with the usual two- to three-year cycles that are extremely popular in the UK, but we need to go beyond that two- to three-year cycle and say: ‘Okay, what happens in that second cycle and in the third cycle?’”

Full details of the refurbishing process are yet to be announced.

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