VW’s dieselgate ‘technical fix’ has damaged engines, owners claim

The recall has left many VW drivers with poor fuel consumption and slow acceleration

Volkswagen owners have said the technical fix to correct the so-called “defeat devices”, used by the VM to cheat air emissions tests, has left them with unreliable cars.Owners claim that the fix, which alters the software and involves modifying an air sensor, has resulted in poor fuel consumption, difficulties starting as well as reduced power and acceleration.

Some have voiced their concerns to the Common’s transport committee, which is investigating VW over the scandal.

The German car-maker has confirmed that it will investigate all complaints free of charge and insists that the cheat devices were not fitted to cars sold in the UK but said it is applying the “technical fix” to UK cars to give drivers “peace of mind”.

However, the transport committee believes it is “not credible” that VW would be prepared to recall more than one million cars at great expense if there was nothing wrong with them.

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  1. VAG have confirmed that after the fix, soot out of the engine increases 3 fold. This is evident by the increased number of aborted Regenerations, reported by customers as ‘fan stopping on after engine switch off’. However, VAG deny that this has any adverse effect on the performance/ fuel consumption or durability/ reliability. This doesn’t seem possible


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