Lesjöfors reassures coil springs customers that it is ready for Brexit

Lesjofers has assured customers that it is ready for Brexit after posting a successful year of results.

Lesjöfors has taken steps to ensure availability of their suspension coil springs that covers 99.9 per cent of the European car parc is maintained whatever the outcome of Brexit.

Should the UK leave the EU without a deal, World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules would automatically apply, potentially imposing tariffs on all coil springs entering the country.

In addition, new customs arrangements would most likely mean long delays at channel ports, presenting further challenges.

As well as maintaining a coil spring stock of around 450,000 units at their UK distribution centre, Lesjöfors has been working to ensure of zero disruption and continued availability.

Made in Britain

Lesjöfors has been making springs of various kinds in Britain since 2007 and, in recent years, has worked to strengthen their production of automotive suspension springs; investing over £3 million in new infrastructure, machinery and technologies in 2018 alone.

Lesjöfors’ UK factory has a production capacity of 65,000 suspension coil springs per week.

To further prepare for Brexit, Lesjöfors has increased raw wire stocks markedly, with spring wire sourced from a leading global supplier which is not subject to tariffs, and shipped directly to UK ports.

As a UK aftermarket supplier of automotive springs, Lesjöfors provide a range of OE products, with all aftermarket springs guarantee to match or exceed OE quality.

Find out more about Lesjöfors and its products by clicking here.


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