MANN-FILTER tests effectiveness of cabin filters in fight against COVID-19

Latest MANN-FILTER innovation in cabin air filters is FreciousPlus

MANN+HUMMEL is testing the effectiveness of its products to support contamination control with regard to the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

The company has compiled information on protection inside the car by means of cabin filters.

A MANN+HUMMEL spokesperson said: “With a size of about 0.1 micrometers, the new virus is roughly 500 times smaller than a human hair.

“As a rule, however, coronavirus adheres to larger droplets, such as those caused by coughing or sneezing.

“These droplets are 10 to 1,000 times larger than the original virus.

“Due to their size, they fall to the ground quite quickly.

“It is highly unlikely that a contaminated droplet from the road surface will enter the vehicle’s cabin filter system from the outside air.

“The probability of exposure to the virus from an infected occupant inside the vehicle is much higher.

“Thorough cleaning of the outside air by a high-quality cabin air filter is, in any case, essential. “

A cabin air filter cannot be considered part of “personal protective equipment”, such as a face mask.

However, it does block irritating pollutants in traffic like brake dust, harmful gases, and allergens like pollen.

A cabin filter can only perform these meticulous cleaning actions properly if it is replaced on a regular basis.

This interval varies by vehicle manufacturer, but generally falls in the one to two year time period.

Many drivers are unaware of the cabin filter or the benefits it offers, with average replacement occurring only once in five years.

The latest innovation in cabin air filters from MANN-FILTER is FreciousPlus.

The filter blocks unpleasant smells, and harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides and ozone from the outside air, while removing almost 100 per cent of harmful particles such as fine dust.

With the help of its third filter layer with biofunctional coating, FreciousPlus stops allergens almost completely and prevents bacteria and mold growth on the filter.

For further information about MANN FILTER, click here.


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