Motorists urged to check tyres before summer trips

Correctly inflated tyres will cut fuel spend and carbon emissions, drivers told

The message comes from TyreSafe and Ring, who want to help motorists to stay safe, cut fuel bills and reduce emissions this summer.

With as many as 66% of the British public enjoying a staycation in 2018, it’s essential to carry out some basic tyre checks before travelling.

Tyre checks matter

40 per cent of road traffic accidents caused by vehicle defects are tyre related, and 27 per cent of vehicles on Britain’s roads have at least one illegal tyre – that’s around 10 million vehicles.

With one third of all tyre-related incidents occurring in the summer months, it’s critical to ensure that motorists are checking their tyres well before they are due to set off.

Lizzy Sebine, tyre care product manager at Ring, says, “It’s really simple to check your tyre pressure and tread, and it’ll make a big difference for your holiday.

“Handling, braking and accelerating are all affected by incorrect tyre pressure and tread depth.

“We want to make sure motorists understand that by not carrying out basic tyre checks and maintenance, they are putting their safety at risk, as well as increasing their fuel costs and carbon emissions”.

As well as improving safety, correctly inflated tyres will cut fuel spend and carbon emissions, as this helps the vehicle to run more efficiently.

With 20 per cent of Brits wanting to have a more sustainable holiday in 2019, it is a simple step for drivers to take to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe says, “More tyre-related incidents happen on Britain’s roads during the summer months than at any other time of year.

“To keep your risks to a minimum, it’s essential to ensure you’ve checked your tyres before you set off.

“With so many more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holiday, it’s more important than ever that motorists are carrying out these maintenance checks.

“Before you set off, remember to ACT: air pressure, condition and tread depth to minimise the risks of an incident on the roads.”

For more information on how to check tyre inflation and pressure, visit, or to find out more about Ring’s extensive range of portable tyre inflators please click here.


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