New ADAS kit expands Delphi Technologies’ diagnostic capabilities

Modular kit adds static and dynamic calibration of ADAS to Delphi Technologies’ existing suite of automotive diagnostic tools

BorgWarner has added a new ADAS diagnostic solution to its Delphi Technologies Aftermarket portfolio.

Alex Bertoli, senior director for diagnostic and workshop solutions at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket said: “From 2020 onwards, more than 40 per cent of new vehicles will be fitted as standard with at least two types of ADAS, and this number is likely to grow.

“With an increasing number of cars equipped with this advanced technology, ADAS calibration represents a great opportunity for garages to offer safety-critical services for their customers and grow their business.”

To support the growing market, the new ADAS program includes an easy to use modular kit which works seamlessly with the existing DS Diagnostic tablet and software.

The basic kit – main support, adjustment bar with lasers, claws on rims, graduated supports and mirrors – as well as a range of accessories in option, such as target panels for the calibration of front cameras of popular brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Peugeot, Citron, Toyota, and Mazda.

Boasting an initial provision for 284 models with camera calibration and 146 models with radar calibration, the coverage of 31 vehicle brands will expand as part of our continuous software development programs.

Functions requiring ADAS calibration include rear view camera adjustment, driver and passenger side front camera calibration as well as radar calibration for a vast range of essential safety detection features.

It can be used in dynamic calibration mode or with targets and vehicle manufacturer equipment in the workshop.

It also includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions built into the software for quick and accurate calibration.

Alex added: “We recognize that ADAS represents an additional financial investment for garages.

“Thanks to our modular design, workshops will have the possibility to select the functionalities of their choice and as their ADAS activity develops, they will be able to increase their capacities by relying on a flexible product offer and an efficient ADAS service.”

To find out more about the Delphi range, please click here.


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