New video highlights what sets DENSO Hybrid wiper blades apart

Intensive research and use of quality materials makes them quieter and more efficient

DENSO boasts years of wiper blade expertise, producing blades for vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota and Ferrari, as well as for the independent service and repair sector, through DENSO Aftermarket via its wholesale partners.

The new DENSO hybrid wipers blades video takes viewers through seven steps from innovation, to its superior, wipe defining precise rubber edge, which together, set its hybrid blades apart.

Using its considerable manufacturing expertise in the structure, assembly and quality of conventional blade technology, DENSO’s objective was to combine aesthetic design with best-in-class performance, to produce the ultimate hybrid wiper blade range.

In doing so, the company’s engineers have come up with a blade just 25mm high that minimises wind resistance and is almost invisible from inside the cabin, providing occupants with an unobstructed view through the windscreen ahead, which naturally increases road safety.

The low-profile design also reduces air flow resistance, which ensures stable performance when travelling at speed.

They combine downforce to keep the blade firmly on the glass, with an air gap that prevents the pressure drop behind the blade that normally leads to chattering, and by optimising the rubber angle along the whole length of the blade, they deliver the ultimate water clearing performance, quietly and efficiently, irrespective of the curvature of the screen.

The friction and durability of the authentic, long-life graphite coated rubber used for DENSO’s hybrid blades is also highlighted, along with the engineering design to ensure their low noise operation and the quality of the blades rubber edge, which has a direct result on its ability to clear water effectively, without leaving streaks or smears.

Manufactured in a purpose-built facility in Japan, alongside it’s flat, conventional and rear blades, DENSO’s OE quality hybrid wiper range provides the independent with the very best in wiper blade technology.

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