OSRAM bulb Christmas stocking fillers

Wide range offers something for everyone

Bright lights are arguably what Christmas is all about and although lights may not be the obvious stocking filler, a bulb upgrade can brighten up that number one car fan’s Christmas.

Night Breaker Laser

These award-winning next generation of automotive upgrade halogen bulbs from OSRAM include innovative laser ablation technology – and they are arguably bright enough to light up Santa’s sleigh.

The highly engineered filament enables the bulbs to shine up to 150 per cent brighter, while providing up to a 150-metre long beam and 20 per cent whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard.

Specially designed to provide more light and significantly improve visibility, they help drivers to identify and react to traffic hazards more quickly, which is particularly important during the darker winter months.

Cool Blue intense

These high-tech halogen bulbs combine power with style, for those who are all about the aesthetics.

With its powerful and bright bluish-white light up to 4,200 Kelvin, whose cool beam makes it look very much like a xenon bulb, it gives real design fans their money’s worth.

This automotive bulb also provides a high-contrast light similar to daylight, which makes it easier on the eyes than the light from standard bulbs.

In comparison to standard halogen bulbs, the OSRAM Cool BLue Intense range is up to 20 per cent brighter.

The modern design with silver cap (H4/H7/H11/HB4) is ideal for use in clear-glass headlights.

LEDriving HL

With a colour temperature of 6,000 K (Kelvin), the OSRAM LEDriving HL retrofit LED bulbs provide an easy solution to upgrade car headlights with cool white LED light – providing a stylish look as well as superior brightness.

These LED bulbs are for use in high and low beam applications and are the perfect replacement upgrade for conventional halogen bulbs.

With the latest LED technology and a compact design, these new bulbs allow a high compatibility and easy installation for an even wider range of car models.

LEDriving HL bulbs are 12V and 24V compatible and a pair of bulbs comes with a five-year OSRAM guarantee and a long service life.

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